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The German Canadian Concourse 2015 is in the making. Updates will follow soon.
German Canadian Concourse – GCC
German Canadian Concourse

Living the Dialogue
In fall 2012, the CMG-AF launched a new Canadian-German conference series in an innovative format, the German Canadian Concourse (GCC).

The distinguishing feature of this new concept is a combination of a conference and a "field trip". While the conference part is more theoretical and allows for the participants' exchange of views on a topical (transatlantic) subject, the field trip consists of a visit to an institution / company that has relevant expertise in the subject matter. This component generates a more practical approach to the topic.

The field trip concept borrows elements from the study tour concept, upon which the Canada Meets Germany program is based. The inclusion of a company (institution) visit in the event schedule adds a new perspective and enhances networking facilities.
The transatlantic orientation of every event will be supported by a real-time exchange via videoconferencing with participants from the other side of the Atlantic.

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Our web page will undergo an extensive revision in the next few weeks to reflect the changes in our organization. We apologize for information presented in the meantime to be not strictly up to date.

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