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The CMG network embraces emerging personalities and leading figures in politics, business, academia, technology and culture. Among the CMG alumni one finds Members of (Provincial) Parliament and political advisors, university professors and directors of research institutes, partners of law firms and design directors of marketing firms, fundraising consultants and executives of NGOs, and many more interesting profiles.

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CMG History
The concept of the CMG leadership forum is based on an initiative by the Embassy of Canada to Germany in Berlin. In April 2002, Canada's then Ambassador, Marie Bernard-Meunier approached Atlantik-Brücke Germany to discuss the potential for a new young professional exchange program between Canada and Germany. Supported by funding from the Canadian Embassy and recruitment by Atlantik-Brücke Germany and the Foundation for the Study of Government Processes in Canada, six German "young leaders" met six Canadian "young leaders" in Canada in October 2002 to discuss the potential for the German Canadian Young Leaders Forum building the basis for the CMG Study Tour concept.

Inspired by their fruitful disucssions on their tour the young leaders developed an approach for a long-term program. Based on this roadmap the German Embassy to Canada in Ottawa and the Canadian Embassy applied for funding from the European Recovery Program (ERP). The Foundation and the Canadian Embassy indentified the institute for cultural diplomacy (icd) as German partner supporting the proposal writing process. The successful application granted support for the young leaders forum for the coming five years through the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.
Starting with the Study Tour in 2003, icd took over the program management and rebranded the forum as Canada Meets Germany – a forum for young leaders while the overall concept was adopted. In the years 2003 through 2008 icd conducted the Study Tour program with ERP funds and the financial and organizational support of the German and Canadian Embassies as well as various private and institutional partners.

In 2009, the CMG alumni community for the first time played a central role in securing funds for the continuation of the CMG program. With the support of the German Federal Foreign Office the travel expenses of the Canadian participants of the Study Tour could be covered.

The same year the Canada Meets Germany Alumni Forum e.V. (CMG-AF) was founded as Germany-based non-profit organization to channel leadership initiatives of the CMG members and to reflect the importance of the alumni network for a sustainable CMG program. CMG-AF was founded on the premises of the Canadian Embassy in Berlin to underline the ties with its institutional partners.
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CMG-AF – Forum for Alumni
CMG-AF is the alumni association of the Canada Meets Germany young leaders forum. It introduces a formalization of a CMG membership status and the bonding of members with the program through an explicit admission and commitment to the alumni forum.

The alumni forum is based on the idea that a strong and enduring affiliation with CMG as a young leaders program can only grow if young professionals are sharing views and experiences on a common study tour and stay connected through regular network activities.

The Canada Meets Germany Alumni Forum e. V. is in the process of becoming the

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and welcomes new private and corporate members.

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Our web page will undergo an extensive revision in the next few weeks to reflect the changes in our organization. We apologize for information presented in the meantime to be not strictly up to date.

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