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Upcoming German Canadian Concourse
The German Canadian Concourse 2015 is in the making. Updates will follow soon.
Canada Meets Germany
Transatlantic Forum for Young Leaders
The German-Canadian leadership program Canada Meets Germany – a forum for young leaders (CMG) is an interdisciplinary network for young leaders and future innovators from Canada and Germany. The aim of CMG is to establish a solid and lasting foundation for dialogue between the two countries in order to promote mutual understanding on a societal level.
German Canadian Concourse
The German Canadian Concourse (GCC) forms the programmtic focus of the Canada Meets Germany Alumni Forum. Founded by CMG-AF in 2012, the interdisciplinary conference series invites professionals from Canada and Germany to discuss relevant topics with a significance to both countries.
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Canada and Germany
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CMG provides a framework for young, dedicated people from a variety of fields including business, politics, academia, science, culture, and the media to meet and exchange ideas. United by their mutual interest in strengthening Canadian-German relations and contributing towards bilateral exchange, they actively support the network through their own personal activities and projects.
The GCC is under the patronage of the Embassy of Canada to Germany in Berlin; its program management rests with the CMG-AF Board.

Program Heritage
Canada Meets Germany is footed on a study tour concept which was conducted on an annual basis during the early phase of the program. Each year between 2002 and 2009 six German and six Canadian young leaders from various professional fields were joining the forum. The first contact with the network was the participation in two consecutive study tours to Germany and Canada on an alternating basis. The returning young leaders completed their second tour with the newly selected young leaders and joined the ever-growing list of alumni. The intention of this overlapping of "generations" of young leaders was to constantly have an influx of fresh stimulation and ideas for discussion.
On their trip the CMG members met decision makers from politics, business, science, media, academia, technology and culture to engage in a bilateral dialogue and on all societal levels. As a result the participants developed their network of personal and professional links and form friendships across the Atlantic.

The core idea of the exchange program is continued through regular workshops and conferences organized and sponsored by CMG's alumni association. These sessions with a German-Canadian thematic background invite the alumni to discover different – as well as common – perspectives on actual topics and maintain a vivid dialogue between both countries.

Read more about CMG's history.
Alumni Forum
Building a Network
The aim of the Canada Meets Germany Alumni Forum (CMG-AF) is to sustain a solid and lasting foundation for an exchange among CMG members and to stimulate the growth of the CMG community. With an ever-growing network and a changing framework of operations and funding the CMG alumni are stipulated to take responsibility for their leadership program.

The Alumni Forum formalizes the CMG membership and bonds members with the program through explicit admission and commitment. The premise of the CMG Alumni Forum is that a strong and enduring affiliation with CMG as a program can only grow if young professionals that have shared views and experiences on a joint study tour can stay connected through regular network activities with members of their own as well as previous and future "CMG generations". The goal of CMG-AF is the continuation of an exchange of CMG members beyond their study tour participation and an involvement of alumni into activities of the ongoing program.
Meet CMG
We added personal portraits of the CMG alumni under the members' section.

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The Canada Meets Germany Alumni Forum e. V. is in the process of becoming the

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Our web page will undergo an extensive revision in the next few weeks to reflect the changes in our organization. We apologize for information presented in the meantime to be not strictly up to date.

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